Demonstrated process improvement realised by Estimata

% Throughput Improvement

SAG Mill

% Cu Recovery Improvement

Flotation Circuit

The Optimisation as a Service (OaaS) platform digests data, continually evaluating the mathematically perfect processing plant settings required, maximising performance.

Applied Mathematical Optimisation to determine Process Setpoints.

A key feature of ESTIMATA, is the mathematical optimisation capabilities, providing the ability to advise or manipulate in real time process set points. This functionality achieves the optimal process objective, automatically, in real time.

Provides increased insight into operational performance of plant equipment.

ESTIMATA’s computational capabilities provides unprecedented visibility of process conditions, providing increased information to operational and technical staff within the operation and corporate levels.

Key Features


The calibration curve of an instrument can be determined if there is some form of reference measurement (such as a laboratory assay) and sufficient excitation.

Measurement failure tolerance

If a measurement fails, this usually requires a reformulation of the estimator to account for the missing measurement. ESTIMATA, replaces the failed measurement (and it is not critical to estimator operation) by its default value and its error set to a larger (“fail-error”) value to reflect the much larger uncertainty associated with the default value “guess”.

Interpretation as prediction and correction

ESTIMATA keeps track of how accurately it knows the state values it’s trying to estimate. The state errors are normally not independent of each other and so it must also keep information on the correlation between the state errors. This information is available from the diagnostic dashboard within ESTIMATA.

Rapid Deployment

The system architecture of Estimata is a cloud-based approach, providing the capability to rapidly deploy application instances remotely.

On-demand / Real-time computational capabilities

ESTIMATA acquires real-time data from the Plant Historian, providing accurate calculation outputs applicable to the plant equipment.

Low Cost / High Value Solution

ESTIMATA's is a low cost solution offering a subscription based structure. ESTIMATA provides optimisation capability without the commitment.

Ready to gain deeper insight into your process plant?

ESTIMATA is a true mathematical optimisation system.

Model based Control ( Estimata’s core IP technology) is suited to optimization of well understood unit processes (SAG Mills, Ball Mill Circuits, Flotation Circuits, Thickeners as an example). The performance is superior to that of Model free systems (Expert Systems as an example) because they are capable of anticipation and thereby can predict the process response to new situations.

Optimisation as a Service - Continuous cloud-based service.

Model, algorithm, software upgrades are managed centrally without burden on site. No equipment or software needs to be installed or maintained at site. Model, estimation and optimisation expertise centralised

Excellent Support

ESTIMATA views each client as a relationship. This relationship is critical to the success of the service. Support is the single priority and always will be. 24 hour response times will be norm not the exception.

Onsite Process Optimisation support is taken care of with Estimata.