Estimata can be applied to any real-time optimisation problem.

The following are just a few of the applications.

Flotation Circuit Optimisation

Estimata has the ability to provide genuine mathematical optimisation of flotation circuit recovery by manipulating, reagent dosing rate, airflow, froth level, or froth velocity setpoints.

AG / SAG Mill Optimisation

A SAG Mill application was developed for a remote site in Laos, with the objective to maximise throughput.
Estimata produced nominated load and density setpoints to which were adhered to by the Control Room Operator in Laos. A SAG Mill throughput increase of 10% due to Estimata , was agreed on, both by operational and technical staff of the Operation.

Flotation Circuit Mass Balance Reconciliation

The flotation circuit was set up to provide missing stream information such as flowrates and assays via a mass balance. The “missing” information is calculated by an estimation algorithm which reconciles known data between the inputs and outputs. This process is also known as mass balance reconciliation. Estimata implements a dynamic reconciliation using a dynamic model; to provide more rapid estimation of the unknown values.

Ball Mill Circuit Optimisation

Ball Mill Circuit application provides additional information quantifying the cyclones and ball mill performances. The unmeasured variables are the p80 and the density of the overflow and underflow of cyclones. The ball mill discharge density is also estimated to assist the personnel to have a better understanding of the ball mills.

The additional variable estimations are then used for the Ball Mill Circuit optimisation, minimising grind size while maximising throughput.